Before 11 am

11 am - 12 pm

12 pm - 4 pm

4 pm - 6 pm

After 6 pm

Hours marked in yellow are courtesy hours of availability with no additional fee; any pick-up and drop-offs in the yellow times are by appointment only. 

$15 pick-up/ drop-off fee ($30 Holiday) - By Appointment Only

No Additional Fee - Pick-up & Drop-off By Appointment only. 

Hours in Green indicate our Normal Office Hours.  

To maximize flexibility, Creature Comforts Kennel is happy to accommodate pick-up and drop-off times when you need them. This flexibility has been very popular with our clients and we want to ensure that we can maintain this high level of customer service.  However, as more and more clients are coming to depend on availability outside our normal operating hours, it has become operationally challenging.  Starting November 1, 2015 we will be adopting the schedule below and implementing an early/late drop-off/pick-up fee.  Doggie Day Care is exempt from early/late drop-off/pick-up fees. 


Before 7 am

7 am - 8 am

8 am - 12 pm

After 12 pm


Hours marked in Red are available for a fee of $15 on normal days and $30 on Holidays; all drop-offs/pick-ups in the Red times are by appointment only. 

* Except Holidays Listed Below

Please note, the boarding kennel is operated as normal during holidays, it is just the office that is closed for drop-offs or pick-ups. 

Creature Comforts Kennel4906 Pikes Peak Ridgeway WI 53582 US | 1-608-924-3647

Monday - Friday*

Before 7am

7am - 8 am

8 am - 5 pm

5pm - 6 pm

After 6 pm

No Pick-Up/ Drop off Fee

New Year's Day (1/1)-Closed

Memorial Day -4 pm - 6 pm

July 4th -Closed

Labor Day -4 pm - 6 pm

Thanksgiving -Closed

Christmas -Closed