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A la carte

Nail Trim    All Sizes $10

Brush Out    S-$5, M-$10, L-$10, XL-$15, XXL-$15

Ear Cleaning   All Sizes $10

Sanitary Clip    S-$10, M-$10, L-$10, XL-$15, XXL-$15

Foot Trim    S,M,L-$10  XL,XXL-$15

Mat Removal    $Varies Depending on Time

Extra Attention Needed - Based on the specific need, we may charge an additional $10/15 min for any services that exceed normal standards. This will be discussed with clients in advance

Grooming Serivces


Bath, Dry, Brush-Out, Nail Trim

S-$15, M-$20, L-$30, XL-$40, XXL-$45


Bath, Undercoat Blow-Out, Brush-Out, Nail Trim, Light Trimming

S-$30, M-$40, L-$50, XL-$55, XXL $65


Bath, Undercoat Blow-Out, Brush-Out, Nail Trim, Full Trimming (Scissor or Clipper Cut), Foot Trimming, Sanitary Clip, Ear Cleaning

S-$40, M-$50, L-$60, XL-$70, XXL-$80