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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation?

Existing clients can make a reservation by either submitting theReservation Form, by calling us at 608-924-3647 or emailing us at jennifer@creaturecomfortskennel.net. New clients need to submit the New Client Form and refer to the New Customer Tab for more information about the on-boarding process. 

What time can I drop off or pick up my pet?

Please see the Contact Page for a list of our Office and Daycare hours.  We can also accommodate pick ups and drop off outside office hours, but there may  be an additional fee. 

Is the billing per/day or per/night of my pet's stay?

Similar to booking a hotel, we charge per night.  So regardless of the check-in time, the first day is always billed at full price.  If you pick your pet up before Noon, the pick up day is free (i.e. check out is at Noon).  If you go past Noon, you are charged for the pick up day. 

What type of payment is accepted?

We accept cash, check, debit and credit (MC, V, Disc, AM Ex) cards.  There is a $35 bounce fee for checks returned for insufficient funds. 

Are the rates different if both my dogs stay in one kennel?

They are not.  The rates are $22/dog per day ($18/dog when there are 3 or more dogs boarding from the same family) even if they are in the same kennel.  We take pride in ensuring that each dog receives a lot of individual care and attention throughout the day.  We also pay particular attention to dogs that share kennels to ensure that they are individually doing well.  For example, making sure both are eating their share at meal time, and not each others.  We find that the bulk of the cost of boarding is actually the individual time and attention spent on each dog, rather than the area they occupy.

What should I bring with my dog or cat?

You are welcome to bring anything you think will make your dog or cat more comfortable, including bedding, toys, treats, etc.  It is especially important for first time boarders to have something in their kennel that smells like home.  This can be a bed, blanket, towel, t-shirt or toy. Dogs are scent oriented first, and they go into a new environment by following their nose.  We find that they settle down and are much more comfortable if their kennel smells familiar the very first time they walk into it.  A few things to keep in mind, however, our dogs often play hard and get dirty, so beds brought from home that are not easily washable may get soiled.  Creature Comforts Kennel is not responsible for damages to items brought from home.  If you prefer not to bring bedding from home, we can provide cots and/or blankets for sleeping.  The blankets are sized to be easily washable, so they are always fresh for our guests.  We also have toys and treats available for our guests if you choose not to bring your own. Also, it is a good idea to label personal items as well as food containers with either your last name or your pets name to ensure they don't get mixed up with other's belongings. 

Do I need to bring my own food?

It is recommended to bring your own food.  Many dogs get stomach upsets with food changes.  Maintaining a consistent diet during boarding can reduce one source of stress.  You are welcome to bring dry, canned, refrigerated, frozen or any specialty food for your pets.  If you have a special feeding ritual/schedule feel free to share that with us, we will do our best to try to follow those practices with your dog/cat while boarding.  However, if you prefer not to bring food, we do have Pure Balance chicken and rice dry and wet dog food available, and Nutrish Chicken, Lentil & Salmon dry and Fancy Feast wet food available for cats. 

What Vaccines are required to board my dog or cat?

Dogs: Distemper-Parvo-Adeno-Parainfluenza combo, Rabies, Bordatella (Kennel Cough)

Cats: Distemper, Rabies, Feline Leukemia**  (**Feline Luekemia is only required for outdoor cats.  For indoor only cats the leukemia vaccine or a negative Leukemia test performed annually is sufficient.)

My dog or cat is not spayed/neutered can I still board him/her?

We will accept intact dogs - both male and female  and intact female cats for boarding.  However, we will not accept females in heat (cats or dogs). We will not accept intact male cats (over the age of 8 months).  We will not accept intact female dogs for daycare (over the age of 8 months).  Some intact animals will not be accepted into group play based on their behaviors (i.e. excessive humping). We do our best to ensure there is no contact between intact males and females, but Creature Comforts Kennel is not responsible for unwelcome pregnancies.  Owners need to warn us at drop off if their female is intact and need to be responsible for monitoring their heat cycles to prevent boarding while in heat. Spay and neuter your pet!

My dog/cat needs medication, can I still bring him?

Yes, there is no additional charge to administer medications.  We can administer pills, oral liquids, ear drops, eye drops, topical ointments and injections.  If your medication does not fit these descriptions, feel free to call and ask if we can administer them. 

If my dog is not dog friendly, can I still board him?

Unfortunately, we are not accepting any new clients who's dogs cannot safely socialize with other dogs.  We recognize that this is a grey area and open to interpretation.  Feel free to discuss your particular pup and his/her quirks with us.  We will provide temperament testing for all new clients as well as provide open feedback to existing clients should we see unwanted behaviors developing.  As always, we continuously strive for a safe and fun environment for all our residents. 

My dog is very shy of strangers, can I still board her?

Yes! We take great care here to adapt our approach to each pet's needs.  We recognize that building a relationship with your pet in a way that builds trust can take time and patience. We take extra time with our shy pets to try to ensure they are comfortable and as stress free as possible. 

Other questions?

Give us a call at 608-924-3647 or submit our Contact Form, we'd love to hear from you.