Personalized Services

We offer Premium Services to enable you to personalize your pet's stay.  Adding additional activities to your pet's day can dramatically reduce stress.  Not all dogs are the same, so we offer a wide variety to meet as many needs as possible.  Look over the list carefully and decide which ones your best friend might enjoy.  Each Premium service is only $5 unless otherwise listed. 


15 minute leashed walk for those medium energy dogs that need a little extra exercise to help  keep them relaxed.  You can double this for a 30 minute walk.  This is great for those higher energy dogs that need to get out and explore their world. 


Calling all Labs!  And pretty much every other dog out there.  This service includes a vigorous game of fetch to help wear out those high energy dogs. This is a great way to drain that excess energy. 

Super Treats

Help ease the boredom of boarding with a Super Treat!.  Treats available iclude Kong with peanut butter, Buster Cube, Rawhide chew, flavor filled bones and others as available. 

Group Play

Here is a great opportunity to socialize your pet.  As a pack animal, socialization is critical for a dog's emotional well being.  Group play includes up to 4 play times per day with dogs of similar temperament and energy level.  Temperament assessment required. 

Cuddle Time

For those dogs that need a little more TLC, this is a perfect choice.  It includes 15 minutes 1 on 1 with an attendent to provide extra care and affection for your best friend.  This is good for cat's too!

Massage and Stretch

Sound crazy?  It's not!  Dogs love this. It is especially great for those older dogs.  This service can help ease those sore muscles and aching bones.  It is a great way to help your dog relax and ease the stress of being away from home. 

Off Leash Hike

This includes a 30 minute off-leash hike through the woods for $15. This premium activity is available on a limited basis for dogs that meet the following criteria: must be booked for a 3 day or longer stay, must have excellent recall and off-leash skills.  

Other Needs? 

Just ask!  We're here to accommodate even the craziest of requests. 



Day Care

Up to 10 hours      $12

Over 10 hours       $15

Includes - group play if requested. Temperament assessment required. 



4X4' Kennel                             $18

4X6' Kennel                             $18

6X6' Kennel                             $18

6X8' Suite                                $22    

Includes 2 feedings and 4 exercise/potty/play breaks per day


3' X 2' X 50" Condo with multiple levels for climbing                 $13

at least 1 hour of play per day in the larger room, including access to the climbing structures.   

Boarding Services

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