Cuddle Time $5

For those dogs that need a little more snuggle and TLC, this is the perfect choice.  It includes 15 minutes 1 on 1 with an attendant to provide extra care and affection for your best friend. This is great for pets that suffer from separation anxiety.  This services is great for cats too!

Boarding Rates

 Dog Overnight $22

​(3 or more dogs $18)

Cats Overnight $18

(3 or more cats $13)

Other needs?

Just ask! We're here to accommodate even the craziest of requests.  

Walk $5

15 minute leashed walk for those medium energy dogs that need a little extra exercise to help keep them relax.  You can double this for a 30 minute walk.  This is great for those higher energy dogs that need to get out and explore their world. 

Personalized Services

 We offer premium services to enable you to personalize your pet's stay.  Adding additional activities to your pet's day can

 dramatically reduce stress.  Not all dogs are the same, so we offer a offer a wide variety to meet as many needs as

 possible.  Look over the list carefully and decide which ones your best friend might enjoy. We also value your feedback

 and would love to consider additional services upon request. 

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Saturday 8am-12pm

Sunday 11am-12pm, 4pm-6pm

​(The Office is Closed on the following Holidays: 
New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (by Noon) and Christmas Day)

Group Play $FREE

Group play is included in boarding or day-care for all dogs that are temperamentally suited. This is a great opportunity to socialize your dog.  As a pack animal, socialization is critical for a dog's emotional well being.  We take great care in getting to know our guests and pairing them up based on temperament and energy level.  We are very careful and limit our groups to 8 or less large dogs and 12 or less small dogs. We take every care to ensure your pet is safe; serious injuries are rare, but they can happen.  Group play is optional and each owner must understand and accept that there are risks. Creature Comforts Kennel is not responsible for injuries that occur in Group Play.  We also have the right to deny access to Group Play for any dog that is demonstrating antisocial behavior. 

Fetch $5

Calling all labs! And pretty much every other dog out there.  This service includes a vigorous game of fetch to help wear out those high energy dogs.  This is a great way to drain that excess energy.  A tired dog is a happy dog. 


 Although boarding cannot replace the comforts of home, we pride ourselves on trying to ensure as stress-free and

 comfortable a stay for your four-legged friend as possible. While boarding, our canine guests have access to the play yards at

 least five times per day either by themselves or in small groups based on temperament.  We have several sizes of kennels to

 ensure a comfortable stay for single or multiple dogs and we offer personalized services that can be tailored to your pet's

 specific needs. Our feline friends are separated from the dogs and take turns running around the large cat-room with access

 to the climbing structures. 

Super Treats $2-$5

Help ease the boredom of boarding with a Super Treat!  Price depends on size. Rawhide is only given with permission.  Treats available include: Kong with Peanut Butter, Busy Bones, Buster Cubes, Rawhide, Flavor Stuffed Bones and others as available. You are also welcome to bring your own treats and we will distribute them to your buddy throughout their stay. 

Massage and Stretch $5

Sound crazy?  It's not!  Dogs love this.  It is especially great for older dogs. This service can help ease sore muscles and improve mobility.  It is a great way to help your dog relax and ease the stress of being away from home. 

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